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Jim Feuling**

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05/20/13 10:55 AM #12    

Patty Palenschat

David, I think the wall would be a GREAT idea!!  Patty

05/21/13 09:05 AM #13    

Alex Duckworth-Ford (Alex Ford)

Look at it Jim. Boys will be boys then and now. The most important comments center around a guy who was big into automotive and motorcycles, technical development and racing. 50 years later, the most excitement is around automotive and one of our major contributors. Wiki calls it, "trransportation." I think it's great. Anything to get enthusiasm up and show that where there's passion, there's life-Alex (Duckworth-) Ford

05/22/13 10:42 AM #14    

Bruce C. Harris

"No man is an island, each is a part of the main. . . . .; and so  ". . . . . Ask not for whom the bell tolls, for it tolls for thee. . . .   John Donne  And so 1963 remembers a "friend", "classmate", another human being.


B. C. Harris  "the class gadfly"

09/04/13 09:34 AM #15    

Gary Warren

Jim and I were good buddies in my Senior year at CVHS, mostly what I knew about him personally was his motorcycle racing and how one year he broke his leg in an accident. He was always tinkering with everything, had that gift to make anything he touched better. I vividly remember his winning the tricycle race at the JR-SR competition event (forgot what we called it) and was disqualified for using a chain drive, he was so far ahead it wasnt even close. Sad to find out he is not with us anymore, but I have lots of great memories from those days. (loved his Marilyn picture for those who know)

09/05/13 05:03 AM #16    

Charlotte Gould (Lathers-Brown)

Jim Feuling's accomplishments:

09/05/13 05:06 AM #17    

Charlotte Gould (Lathers-Brown)

The following link will take you to the Jim FEULING's memorial:



Birth:  Mar. 11, 1945
Essex County
New Jersey, USA
Death:  Dec. 4, 2002
San Diego
San Diego County
California, USA


"James Joseph Feuling, born March 11, 1945 in Newark, New Jersey, died on December 4, 2002 in San Diego, California. Jim took on his fight with pancreatic cancer as he did everything else difficult in his life, as a challenge to battle and to outsmart, and to win. His cancer turned out to be the only thing in his world that ever got the best of him.

Jim was the President and founder of Feuling Advanced Technologies, Feuling Research and Development and the Feuling Motor Company, now based in San Diego. His career as inventor and engineer in the automotive and motorcycle industry spans more than 30 years, where he is widely renowned as the expert on the internal combustion engine. Jim's current technology will see the automotive world into the next decade. Jim served in the Army, in Special Forces during the 1960s and sailed around the world on the University of the Seven Seas, before he made his footprint on the Automotive Industry.

Jim is a member of the prestigious and very elite 300 MPH Club at Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah, where he drove his own self designed streamliner 370 mph. His favorite pastimes were being with his three children, riding his motorcycles with his wife, entertaining friends at their beach home, astronomy, UFO's, scuba diving in his youth, and enjoying a good meal, good wine and good music.

The contributions Jim's technology made will live on in many vehicles you see on the roads today. The San Diego Automotive Museum has a Feuling Engine Room in his honor, and made him a member of the Board of Directors. The contributions Jim made to those who know and love him are endless.

He has gone on ahead of his loving family, his wife Kathleen, and daughter Theresa, twin sons Matthew and Daniel, his sister Olivia and mother Germaine Feuling-Chang.

Services will be held on Thursday, December 12, at 1 p.m. at St. Paschal Catholic Church, 155 E. Janss Rd. in Thousand Oaks, Calif. A graveside service will follow at Valley Oaks Memorial Park, 5600 Lindero Canyon Rd., Westlake Village, Calif., in the Garden of Valor. For more information about his life visit"

(Published in San Diego Union-Tribune on December 8, 2002)


09/05/13 11:43 AM #18    

Gary Warren

Thanks for the links Charlotte. It was great to read about what a great life Jim lived and all of his accomplishments. In High School Jim was a different guy, marched to the beat of a different drummer indeed, I only wish I had looked him up before he left us, but he left his mark on this world and will never be forgotten by anyone who was fortunate to say they knew him.

09/13/13 09:03 AM #19    

Joe Stetser

Diving for Abs, racing bikes, chasing Icecapade chicks, breaking my neck, getting kicked of Mammoth Mt for almost running everyone down, did I say chasing chicks? That's as far as I would like to say at this time, I just can't remember it all. The bomb under the hood of my car at my wedding my wife was surprised but I expected something like that! Happy Trails to you until we meet again. I have an idea we are both going the same way!!!!!! Hooters too you! 

06/19/16 08:05 AM #20    

Charlotte Gould (Lathers-Brown)


We still remember all the great times, my friend.

Rusty still talks about you to all his NewYork and

Pennsylvania buddies keeping your memory alive

from coast to coast.

Rest In Peace,

Charolette and family.


06/19/16 10:12 AM #21    

Alan Hayashi

Very nice Charlotte. Thanks for keeping his memory alive. 

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