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Royce Allen**

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06/25/13 06:23 AM #1    

Ronnie Harris

Hey Royce:

From the time we were boys, attending Ella B. Allen Elementary, until we went out into the world we built memories never to be forgotten. I remember the tree fort that we built and the rubber band guns and shagging golf balls and caddying at the Bonita Golf Course.  I remember riding our bikes to that candy store on 3rd Ave. and buying our prized, rock candy and the camp fires and fishing Otay Lake and you helping me out on my early morning paper route and how good and loyal a friend you were.  I remember the secret crush that you had on Diane Chase and at Christmas time, every year, when your parents would drive you over to my house so’s you could help me and my dad do the Christmas lights for “Candy Cane Lane”, the name of Dad’s entry in the National Christmas Decorating contest when we lived on Pepper Tree Road.  You were always so funny Royce and, as a boy growing up, the way you took on life’s challenges was a lesson in character and, in particular, no matter how many speech classes they made you take, your speech impediment was something that made you unique and challenged you beyond what the rest of us could have understood. You pronounced my name, “Wonnie” and this very minute I have a smile remembering the sound of it.  I remember, when I returned home from the Army, and you insisted that I go over to your rental house, just off of Pacific Hwy, that was 100 feet directly beneath the jet way at Lindberg Field.  No matter how loudly we yelled we couldn’t hear one another until the jets had gone the half mile away, onto the landing strip.  The last time that we saw one another was at our 20th, Hilltop class reunion and we had some drinks together and caught up.

Regrettably I learned of your passing not long ago, through the kindness and loving work of our classmates who posted you, “in Memoriam”, but I’ve no idea when it was that you left us; nor the circumstances of your passing.  I’m so sorry that I wasn’t there for you Royce and I pray that you were not alone at the end.  Because of the good of you, and if I can behave my ornery self these next few years, I’ve no doubt but that we’ll meet up again in His Kingdom and we’ll laugh about all of the good times we had growing up, when we were boys.

Your old friend,

Ronnie Harris

09/13/13 08:35 AM #2    

Joe Stetser

The first ballclub I played with you 4th grade! It was fun.

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