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11/04/18 05:24 PM #6712    


Steve Cropsey


I remember your 1956 Jagua It would be worth at lease $220 K now then it was just transportation


11/05/18 10:47 AM #6713    


Carolynn Hinshaw (La Pierre) 1963 my Dad bought a 1955 XK140 M Jaguar in RED for $800....and I got to drive it. We came across it through one of the singers at the Circle Arts Theatre. That's me as the "ghost" driver....trying to find some better photos of it. Unfortunately, I had no business driving that  I somehow failed to put oil in it and it ended up in my mothers garage for months with something about "a rod went through the block"....Dad was NOT pleased...but then he never told me about oil.... As I was in college, not majoring in petroleum products, I had to have transportation I found a Corvair and sold the Jag  to a guy in Pt Loma for I think half. My worst move on both parts trust me. I am and will always be looking for that beauty. I came across a pristine black one a few years back at the Concours d'elegance at the La Jolla Cove. I was wondering if it might have been mine once....there was no one to ask...and I wanted to run away with it but alas, no! crying Lessons learned.

11/15/18 06:29 AM #6714    


Steve Cropsey

Hi All

Where is everybody it has been over a week with no postings.

Our friend Shirley Price (Hilltop 1963) called last night she mentioned that Donna Callaway (sp?) also a Hilltop Grad. passed away last Thursday from a heart attack. I only met her at the 55th Reunion. Maybe Dan, Laura or Carolyn could do an "In Memory" posting for her. 

On a more pleasent note Michelle and I are going th have Thanksgiving with our son's in-laws family they have a beautiful "ranchette" in Apple Valley CA. It is among other things a wedding venu. But for Thankisgiving our hosts Janice and Bob (Robbie's mother and father-in-law) are expecting 38. Talk about an extended family. These gatherings are always very nice. We take our 5th wheel and will stay a few days and enjoy dinner and left overs.


11/15/18 02:55 PM #6715    


Carolynn Hinshaw (La Pierre)

Thank you Steve ..I submitted Donna's passing to our site administrator. It was good to see her at the reunion as it had been a long time. This comes close to home...and is always so very sad to lose one of our own........

Wishes for a blessed and happy Thanksgiving to all.heart


11/15/18 05:26 PM #6716    


Steve Cropsey

Thank you for being the person that binds us together. And handling the details even when they are not  pleasent.

Hi to Dexter 

11/19/18 01:36 PM #6717    


John Kennedy

Received from a classmate via email today:


For those of you who are placing Christmas lights/decorations in your yards for the upcoming holiday season, can you please avoid anything that has red or blue flashing lights together?


Every time I come around the corner, I think it's the police and I have a panic attack!

I have to brake hard, toss my beer, fasten my seat belt, throw my phone on the floor, turn my radio down, and push the gun under the seat.


It's just too much drama, even for Christmas!!

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding!

11/20/18 07:08 AM #6718    


Terry Greenlee


Welcome back !



11/20/18 11:56 AM #6719    


John Kennedy


Even though I haven't been anywhere it has been a long strange trip.

I decided that it would be more beneficial to mankind overall if I became interested as opposed to interesting which I really wasn't to any great degree. So I held back on the posts and found that there wasn't much, some but not much to be interested in as no one posts much.

Thanks Steve, Armando and Carolyn for the latest posts, they are much appreciated.

Oh well-----------what's a Mother to do----------sure you have a headache but why take it out on me------------it's two two two mints in one. Bucky Beaver had me brushing with the new Ipana half my life.

I saw the USA in my Chevrolet, bought a Ford and lived happily-ever-after.

Is there life after the Chargers left town?

There was last night if anyone watched Rams vs Chiefs.

Hope y'all have a Happy Thanksgiving.

In my home all be happy except the turkey.

11/20/18 02:11 PM #6720    


John Kennedy

By the way:

Romaine lettuce unsafe to eat, CDC warns, citing E.coli outbreak

in case you were going to serve it on Thanksgiving.

11/20/18 04:44 PM #6721    


Terry Greenlee


Want to read something interesting?

I just finished SAPIENS  ( 2015) by Y. N. Harari.   My son-in-law gave it to me for my Bday.

Kind of a philosophical version of the ideas in  "Gun Germs & Steel " from a few years ago.   

If you liked Jared Diamond's efforts in GG&S  you might like this.   

Makes you think about group beliefs , and the importance of myths in getting large groups to behave in the same way. 

This might be a good gift for some readers who like topics in history, archealogy, evolution, etc.

Also reading the 3 book trilogy on Churchill - The Last Lion.   Gives good sense of the attitudes following WWI and leading up to WWII.   These books are by W. Manchester who wrote "The Arms of Krupp".  


11/20/18 05:47 PM #6722    

Thomas Clarke, Jr.



Perthaps it's the Relativistic Dopler effect ?


Happy Bird day



11/20/18 05:56 PM #6723    

Thomas Clarke, Jr.


I look forward to putting the first one in my Q. 

Two weeks ago a friend who is a Churchill Buff

was reading from the second volume it brings history 


I'm reading Da Vinci by Isacson. It's a great read also.


Happy Holidays

to all Spartans and Lancers



11/20/18 08:24 PM #6724    


Terry Greenlee


I didn't care for that offering from W. Issacson as much as I liked his Einstein book or the Steve Jobs book.   To much discussion of paintings with a few good descriptions of what Leonardo was like as a person in his time.  Would have liked to have seen more about the man.   

Regarding Churchill - I am about to go to Vol 3 - Defender of the Realm.   Anyone can pick these older volumes up for $2.00 in hardbound at a library used book store.   Most have only been read once then donated.

In fact I got Vol 2 for free at the last reunion as it was being used to hold down the balloons on the party tables.   Laura Dennison brought in a bunch of books that were being thrown out of the PB library I think.




11/20/18 09:28 PM #6725    

Thomas Clarke, Jr.




You have a healthy appetite for good books.

I’m a slow reader.

 The Story of Civilization by Will and Ariel Durant

Is something I’d enjoy reading also .










11/22/18 03:01 PM #6726    


James Wheat

Happy Thanksgiving to all out Chula Vista and Hilltop friends, hope you had a great day.

    Jim and Alan


It tasted better than it looks.



11/22/18 03:13 PM #6727    


John Kennedy

Alan and Jim,

Looking good guys.

Happy Thanksgiving to you.

Who took the picture?

Where were you at?

11/22/18 03:32 PM #6728    


James Wheat


We are in Sacramento at a mom & pop restaurant called Annie’s. 

Good food and breakfast for $3.00.  We have also been checking out some historical places.

11/23/18 06:02 AM #6729    


Jerry Hoover

James and Alan,

I'm not sure what it was you were eating, but it looked like chicken fried steak and potatoes.  It reminds me of a motorcycle trip a friend and I took from San Diego to Las Vegas via the Grand Canyon.  We stopped in Verde Valley, Arizona, at a small diner on the river.  I ordered chicken fried steak and my friend ordered veal cutlet.  When they came out, they looked identical except for the gravy.  So we asked the waitress the difference between the two meals.  She said, "Well, one has brown gravy and the other has white gravy" and walked away.  Didn't  matter, it was still good.

William Leastheat Moon wrote a book, "Blue Highways", about when he and his dog traveled around the U.S. on small roads.  He describes how he rated small diners like this by the number of calendars they had on the wall.  The more calendars, the better the food.  I found that to be true.

11/23/18 01:49 PM #6730    


James Wheat

Jerry, it was actually turkey, but the chef, aka the cook, got carried away with the gravy.  To answer John’s question, the waitress took the picture.  We didn’t have Pam and Nancy to guide us, we did have a salad.  Today we had lunch in Loomis, east of Sacramento.  It’s a small town that reminds me of the way Chula Vista was in the 50s, complete with a street like 3rd ave., a packing shed, train and a hamburger joint.  We had a large cheeseburger and a large shake, the menu has over a hundred flavors.  I’m sure our cardiologist would not approve. 


11/23/18 07:21 PM #6731    

Thomas Clarke, Jr.

This is Great

What a pleasure to connect with old friends  !

11/24/18 03:15 AM #6732    


Robert Foster (Foster)

Hey, Alan and Jim,

Your photo and accoompanying sign for thr Gold Creek Bridge was most intriguing to me.

Early in Novemver, Lucy and I took our 31 ' 5th wheel up to Portland to visit one of Lucy's childhood and college girlfriends. Midway between Ashland and Eugene where we were going to spend our third night, nature called me with a vengence, and in somewhatt of a panic to get off, park and and use the r.v. faciilities, I turned off thiking it would be an easy on. As.we we turned off, we were meamt with a sign that stated, "This is not an exit" fortunately, I was able to turn this beast around and headed back toward the road that seemed to go under I-5. As soon as I entered the blind curve I was met with a tunnel. a tunnel that apparently had been built in the late 19th century or very early in the 20th century. I could not back up (fortunately there were no cars anywhere) so I could only go forward. I truly would not have taken bets that I could get through this thing; and, if I did, where did the road go? Lucy got out of the truck and walked to the end of the tunnel to direct me and check the air oonditioner would not hit the top.  I pulled both trailer mirrors in flush with the truck and had perhaps 2-3 inches of clearance on either side. I proceeded at about 2 mph, Lucy using her patented hand  movements which to this day are unlear to me..

We got through with sweat coming out of every pore.. We then prceeded to travel down this long lonely road (the freeway was about 20 feet above us to the right) where I really half expected mentally challenged boys would be in trees playing  some rendition of "Foggy Mountain Breakdown on banjos. Suddently, there was a freeway entrance going south iinstead of north. We took it greatlfully and traveled to another offramp that had a northern on ramp, and away we went.

In 15 years of towing, I had never experienced a situation like this. 

My one regret is that I didn't take a photo, but frankly, we were busy trying to get a large truck and trailer through a tunnel designed for buckboards and horses. , Also, looking around the area, I was pretty convinced we would be eaten by the locals,

Otherwise, we had a great time!

Hope all is well with everyone.  Happy Holidays


11/24/18 09:34 AM #6733    


Carolynn Hinshaw (La Pierre)

Two  HHS grads 68' and 63' - who are sisters - at Yosemite this year for Thanksgiving with 20 friends and family. Snow dusted the tops the next day....What a treasured place - even after the Ferguson fires....It's still the Ahwahnee to us but it's now called "The Majestic"...and Curry Village now called Dome Village...Surely an inspiring environment to be thankful.


11/24/18 09:18 PM #6734    


James Wheat

Today while waiting for my flight home I heard the best security message ever.

   "Attention"  "Will (passenger name) please return to Security Screening, you forgot your seminar notes and a book titled "How to Improve your Memory."


Crater Lake from 30,000 ft.


11/25/18 09:30 AM #6735    


Alan Hayashi

Carolynn, I was in Yosemite about a month ago to hike the area and see the fall colors.  It is a special place in the fall with the changing colors and all the tourists have gone.  I think you caught the first snow. 

11/25/18 09:48 AM #6736    


Alan Hayashi

Bob and other history buffs, 

Jim and I checked out another historic bridge that was about mile from the picture that Jim posted.  It is called the Rainbow Bridge and was built in 1917 to link with the Lincoln highway bridge in the city of Folsom.  The Lincoln Highway was the first transcontinental highway completed in 1913 and ran from New York to San Francisco. 

The other picuture is taken from the birdge looking eastward on the American River. 30 miles east of here is the Coloma where gold was discovered in 1849. Folsom lake is just beyond the hill in the background.  At the bottom of the lake is Mormon City which was developed during the gold mining era. Every few miles are gold mining sites named "Bar" like Mormon Bar, Rattlesnake Bar, and Negro Bar (Which is stilll controversial to this day). 




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