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10/17/18 10:16 AM #6692    

George Gillow (Hilltop 1964)

Who's on First?

Here is a video from a 1953 TV show.

They had a version that ended with "I don't give a damn".  But censors made them change it for movies and TV.

10/17/18 10:52 AM #6693    

George Gillow (Hilltop 1964)

The Chula Vista Community Hospital at 553 F street was opened in November, 1945.  Looks like Michelle Hughes of HHS Class of 63' was the first baby born there.  And Sam Schreck of the same class was third. The Star News story is from November 30th, 1945.

Michelle and Sam are listed in the Classmate Profiles on this site.  Unfortunately they have not signed up.

Were any of you born at the hospital?

The hospital was started by Dora and Jack Raney. In 1943 they both worked at Rohr. She was a "Rosie the Riveter".

10/17/18 12:12 PM #6694    


Steve Cropsey


Jack Raney came out of WW II as a Navy Chief but I believe Dora was a nurse at Rohr. Mark might know. 

Both Jack and Dora were killed in a car wreck after Scripps bought Chula Vista Hospt.  

My mother was the last Director of Nursing and after Scripps bought Chula Vista Hospital and moved with her job into the new hospital she stayed another year and then retired.

I would from time to time talk my mother into letting me drive her car to school (Mine was usually broke down or had a flat tire) promissing I would pick her up from work. Half the time I would forget and she ended walking about a mile and a half home. She was such a sweet person that about all she would say was "You forgot me again" in kind of a disgruntled tone of voice. The next time I'd ask to borrow the car she would just say "Don't forget me this time" and that may or may not happen. Thank God for all of the wonderful mothers we all had  πŸ˜€

10/17/18 02:19 PM #6695    

George Gillow (Hilltop 1964)


Jack Raney died of complications from surgery in 1958.  He was 50 years old.

Dora Raney was a nurse, as you said, but her obituary says she also worked as a riveter at Rohr in 1943.  She and Jack started a nursing home at the 553 F street site in 1944.

She married Francis Kalina in 1960 and they were killed in Minnesota when a train hit their car.

Here is the Star News story about her death in 1973 (I had to split the article to make it easier to read).

10/17/18 04:01 PM #6696    


Terry Greenlee



Bill Sanders signed on today from Poison MT, I hope he will comment on the chatter caused by the name of his new town on Flathead Lake.   This is east of Spokane WA.

10/22/18 07:42 PM #6697    


Steve Cropsey

George; you are correct it was Chief Kalina that she was married to when they died in a car accident also I mistsakenly said the hospital was sold to Scripps in fact it was Sharps. Mark Raines graciously corrected me this weekend. I suffer from CRS in my old age. The rest of my original message was correct tho.


10/23/18 11:34 AM #6698    

George Gillow (Hilltop 1964)


I believe Mark is the son of Burt Raynes, former Chairman and CEO of Rohr.  Is that correct?

Also, your mom had a distinguished carrier including working with the nurses program at Southwestern. That is great.

10/24/18 06:21 PM #6699    


Terry Greenlee


Fun Experiment regarding national economics and productivity. 


1.) Open Google Maps - turn on  "traffic" option.  Insert Los Angeles or New York.   Look at the green and red lines any hour of any day. 

2.) Next type in Moscow, Russia.   Allow for about a 12 hours time change so 6:00 PM here  is 6:00 AM there.    

3.) Wonder what they are up to at 6:00 AM or any other time you check ? 

4.) Notice how few roads show up !   No red lines anywhere on continental region  !   No crowds or no phones ?

In either case  - what a booming  economy !!!


To quote the "Bobs" from Office Space  -" Just exactly what do you do here at INITECH ?

Here is the link ( in case you have not seen the show. 

Looks like a place that needs more TPS reports. Call in Lumberg !




10/24/18 07:23 PM #6700    


Hugh Kottler

Hello!  I haven't looked at this forum for a while but I was browsing and got a chance to look at what people had been commenting on.  I saw that Alan Hayashi had some Disney figurines on display and he didn't remember the parrot figure.  Well, that one was one of my favorites.  His name was José Carioca, and he appeared in the animation "Down South American Way," a travelogue about South America.  I was born in Argentina and have family in Brazil, so this was probably my favorite Disney film.  A note about José Carioca--the name comes from the nickname that is given to people from Rio de Janeiro, who are famous for their lively approach to life. The first name, José, or just Zé for short, is not pronounced Hosé as in Spanish, but with a hard J like in the English word just or junior. When I would tell people that I was from Argentina they would say, You speak Portuguese, don't you, getting Brazil and Argentina mixed up. We had several native speakers of Spanish at Hilltop, but the others were from Mexico and I was the only one from somewhere else.  I had lots of Mexican friends there and at San Diego State, and they declared me an honorary Mexican. Ironic, since I spent the most significant years of my foreign service career in Mexico and Mexican affairs. 

10/24/18 07:27 PM #6701    


John Henderson

Terry I do believe  Bill is in Polson Mt not Poison Mt  the reason I say this  is that I visit the area every year but I may stand to be corrected

10/24/18 08:23 PM #6702    


John Kennedy

John H.

Funny you should say that. 



That was a most interesting post.


Personally I think that the Russian society is daft.

10/25/18 11:05 AM #6703    


Steve Cropsey

George you are correct Mark is Burt Raynes' son. Mark was on the 55th Reunion (Now the 75th B'Day) Committee.  Thanks for doing all the research notice they spelled my mom's name wrong. Darlene it was correctly changed to Erlene in the later article. 

Thanks again George.

10/26/18 08:07 AM #6704    


Bill Nigh

Steve, I thought your Mom's name was Erlene, but I also suffer from CRS and there was a good chance I was wrong.  And Darlene is close.  BTW, If that's a recent picture of you, you look great.  And, next on the agenda, are we having a 75th birthday party?  That's almost getting close.  I just celebrated my 73rd at Top Golf with my kids and six month old granddaughter, our first.  Although she was only 5-1/2 months old then.  :-)  She lives in Phoenix and this was the first time we had seen her except on FaceTime.  She's probably not the most beautiful baby in the history of the world, but she's in the top five.  And that's all because I don't want to get the grandkids debate going.  Later.        

10/26/18 10:25 AM #6705    


Terry Greenlee


I don't think Steve looks that great ha!  ha !   

You should realize the only reason that Steve looks half-way ok is because he is standing next to Michelle.  

Just kidding - he does look a lot the same, but being married to such a genuinely nice lady has certainly improved his life and made him look Ok .  

10/26/18 11:57 AM #6706    


Steve Cropsey


Guess I added to the confusion by th sentence I wrote; my mom's name was Erlene. It was the CV Star article that refered to her as Darlene.

It was a picture taken 2 summers ago so realitively recent..But Terry should not talk about having a spouse that makes you look good------ Kathy is a 10. Terry ahhhhh not so much😷



10/26/18 12:01 PM #6707    


Steve Cropsey


One more thing we live only about 4 hours from Pheonix the next time you get out here give me a heads up so we can get together for a visit.

11/01/18 07:01 AM #6708    


John Kennedy

Autumn on the farm:

11/02/18 07:57 AM #6709    


Alan Hayashi

John, was there supposed to be a picture?  

11/02/18 10:10 AM #6710    


Robert Foster (Foster)

Hey John...
Great photo of 100_3178.jpg

11/02/18 04:20 PM #6711    


Armando Cortado

hey! all i'm back.  but i did have a senior moment

while waiting to pick-up my grandson from school.  i was sitting in the courtyard across from his first grade room.  i noticed four preteens on the stairway.  they went to the flag pole in the center of the courtyard. a boy and girl stepped up and lowered the school flag folded it neatly and stepped back. the other two began to lower the stars and stripes the girl caught the flag with out streach arms. they folded the flag and he began at stripes end of the flag. in a flash  i was in the rectory of our lady of guadalupe church with my old boyscout troop learning how we treat our flag.  he started at the stripes end of the flag and began to fold the flag into the shape of cocked hat as he got to the stars he took the end tucked into last fold.  as he turned, i said "hey! a marine couldn't have done better" he gave me a puzzled look and ran up the stairs.  i don't how many times i've past a city hall,post office, and police department where i've seen one person take down both flags let them hit the ground while they unhook them ball them up. my grandson took my hand and asked if i was ok i turned my head and brushed my eyes oh i was just thinking what kind of snack we should get?  how a bout pan duce?  his eyes lite up and he went on to what he would  get.



11/04/18 05:24 PM #6712    


Steve Cropsey


I remember your 1956 Jagua It would be worth at lease $220 K now then it was just transportation


11/05/18 10:47 AM #6713    


Carolynn Hinshaw (La Pierre) 1963 my Dad bought a 1955 XK140 M Jaguar in RED for $800....and I got to drive it. We came across it through one of the singers at the Circle Arts Theatre. That's me as the "ghost" driver....trying to find some better photos of it. Unfortunately, I had no business driving that  I somehow failed to put oil in it and it ended up in my mothers garage for months with something about "a rod went through the block"....Dad was NOT pleased...but then he never told me about oil.... As I was in college, not majoring in petroleum products, I had to have transportation I found a Corvair and sold the Jag  to a guy in Pt Loma for I think half. My worst move on both parts trust me. I am and will always be looking for that beauty. I came across a pristine black one a few years back at the Concours d'elegance at the La Jolla Cove. I was wondering if it might have been mine once....there was no one to ask...and I wanted to run away with it but alas, no! crying Lessons learned.

11/15/18 06:29 AM #6714    


Steve Cropsey

Hi All

Where is everybody it has been over a week with no postings.

Our friend Shirley Price (Hilltop 1963) called last night she mentioned that Donna Callaway (sp?) also a Hilltop Grad. passed away last Thursday from a heart attack. I only met her at the 55th Reunion. Maybe Dan, Laura or Carolyn could do an "In Memory" posting for her. 

On a more pleasent note Michelle and I are going th have Thanksgiving with our son's in-laws family they have a beautiful "ranchette" in Apple Valley CA. It is among other things a wedding venu. But for Thankisgiving our hosts Janice and Bob (Robbie's mother and father-in-law) are expecting 38. Talk about an extended family. These gatherings are always very nice. We take our 5th wheel and will stay a few days and enjoy dinner and left overs.


11/15/18 02:55 PM #6715    


Carolynn Hinshaw (La Pierre)

Thank you Steve ..I submitted Donna's passing to our site administrator. It was good to see her at the reunion as it had been a long time. This comes close to home...and is always so very sad to lose one of our own........

Wishes for a blessed and happy Thanksgiving to all.heart


11/15/18 05:26 PM #6716    


Steve Cropsey

Thank you for being the person that binds us together. And handling the details even when they are not  pleasent.

Hi to Dexter 

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