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02/08/19 08:38 AM #6825    


Carolynn Hinshaw (La Pierre)

The bay at Port Stanley (Falklands) is a ghost ship yard...They are more of an art feature now

02/08/19 08:39 AM #6826    


Carolynn Hinshaw (La Pierre)

...sorry I meant to name the little creaures..they are called "Coati"

02/08/19 09:18 AM #6827    


Hugh Kottler

Carolyn, those are great pictures.  I may have mentioned this in previous posts that I was born in Argentina. My connection with the Falklands (or to call them by their "proper" name, the Malvinas) is that two of my cousins and one close childhood friend all fought against the British there in the 1982 Falklands war.  My childhood friend Carlos, became a naval aviator and was killed in action when the Brits shot down his A-4 fighter jet while he was trying to sink one of their ships. He was the same age as me and my next door neighbor in Buenos Aires. He was treated as a national hero and has a memorial in Buenos Aires.  Actually, losing that war became a good thing for Argentina as it led to the ouster of the military dictators who started that stupid war. My cousins, who did survive, were very affected and never wanted to talk about their experiences.

I got to see those penguins when I went to Patagonia about 10 years ago--they are cute, looking like two-foot tall little kids wearing tuxedos.  I saw the coatis (full name: coatimundis) as well, at Iguazú falls.  They hang out at the snack bar and while one of them distracts the shop keeper the others grab the snacks.  I think they're related to bears. Argentina is a great country to visit.  Or in my case, to come from.    

02/08/19 11:43 AM #6828    


Carolynn Hinshaw (La Pierre)

Hugh - Now I remember you did say you were born there! You have no doubt visited the Tigre river area?Very special. Thanks so much for your stories! Speaking to those who live in the Falklands...I was told 80% of those who go off to college - often in the UK..come back to the islands! Port Stanley has a great "expat" bar as they used to refer to it called...The Globe. 


02/09/19 08:14 AM #6829    


Bill Nigh

Happy Birthday to Barry Francke.  I'll bet it's true for you, Barry, just like for the rest of us.  If we'd known we were going to last this long, we'd have taken better care of ourselves!  smiley  Take care and talk to you soon.

02/09/19 08:49 AM #6830    


Hugh Kottler

I used to go to the Tigre a lot when I was a kid.  A great adventure and there are lots of descendants of British people there.  There are many links between the British and Argentines, which made the Falklands war that much sadder.  Some of my wife's ancestors were part of the Welsh community that colonized Patagonia in the 1850's. She was born in LA, by the way.  When we went to Argentina last time we visited a couple of towns where Welsh is still spoken and taught in schools.  Fascinating for historians and lovers of taking high tea at 5 PM. Languages spoken in Argentina: Spanish, English, Welsh, and Yiddish.

02/12/19 02:59 PM #6831    


Terry Greenlee


If some of you have not been getting notifications of the postings from the "Message Forum" you man need to update your scheme for getting to the website.   

In particular, if you have the site bookmarked from a visit that was several months back in time, you might want to delete that bookmark, revisit the site using the link I gave below (#6812) and then redefine the bookmark while you are on the site.  Maybe your last connection has gotten stale or we have changed something in the last sign up with Classmates.

This is one suggestion that might fix the problem.   I am open to anyone else commenting on this problem as it seems only a few have had it. 

If this does not fix your message problem - I suggest you send Dan Dennison a Private Message using that feature of his Classmate Profile connection and describe your specific issues.





02/13/19 06:37 AM #6832    

Jim Eshbach

I'm good.  See you Friday.

02/13/19 01:04 PM #6833    


Terry Greenlee


Jim points out that we are having an informal get together at the Galley Restaurant near the J St Marina on Friday for lunch.  If you are nearby come on down at 11:00AM.   Alan Hayashi, and Jim Wheat are in town along with the regulars who used to attend these at La Bella.  


02/15/19 08:06 PM #6834    


James Wheat

The Eagles, Jim & Alan, (thanks Leroy) from the north landed in CV and thanks to Fran’s help, the Hilltop and Chula Vista Class of 1963 had a great time meeting for lunch at the Galley in the J Street Marina.

Front table:  Winnie Whelan, Jim Wheat, Dan Dennison, Terry Greenlee, Leroy & Fran Petty, Mary & Barry Franke, Carol Quidort.

Back table:  Linda Skinner, Gary Chapman, Steve Cropsey, Marla Kuta, Carolyn La Pierre, Elaine Hall, Sharon Butters, Rick Ruiz, John Skinner, Alan Hayashi, Kathy Greenlee.






02/15/19 08:49 PM #6835    


Carolynn Hinshaw (La Pierre)

"'Who da thunk it" many years ago....What an uncredibly wonderful group of friends.....

Think about it now - how so very lucky we are to have each other.... heart


02/16/19 03:21 PM #6836    


James Wheat

Thanks everyone for a great time at our lunch yesterday. 

02/19/19 05:08 PM #6837    


Alan Hayashi


What a wonderful lunch it was.  We talked about  the old times we spent together.  We talked about the good times.  We talked about some of the bad times.  And we talked about meeting again next time.  It made me smile. 

03/09/19 05:03 PM #6838    


Armando Cortado

hey i've been having problems loggin on?  good to see everyone is well, loved the pix's. jus checking in to show i'm alive and well still kicking.

03/10/19 02:40 PM #6839    


Winifred Mednick (Whelan)

I've been having problems getting beyond the 2/16 posting, too.  Simply because there were no new posts?Hello everybody and Happy Spring!



























03/10/19 06:09 PM #6840    


Dave Smith

Pete:  Terry is on the right track.  Check out   David Majewski.  

















03/11/19 11:22 AM #6841    


Robert Foster (Foster)

I just received 2nd post since 9/28! It is good to be back.

03/11/19 02:30 PM #6842    


Peter Rombold


David,  thanks for the tip on David Majewski.   He was one of the names I originalIy l received and it didn't pan out, but I will give it another go.      

I know it has been almost since the photos of the lunch you folks had, and it had to be a great time.  Wish I could have been there.  There were also some shots of that school on the other side of the tracks that looked a little familiar.  Do you think one of you Lancers could go take a few photo of the school on the HILLTOP and post them.  Thanks.

And don't forget, "You Don't Outgrow Rock & Roll™"






03/19/19 08:53 AM #6843    


John Kennedy

Are you as ready as I am?

The spring equinox (also called the March equinox or vernal equinox) falls on Wednesday, March 20, 2019, at 5:58 P.M. EDT

03/20/19 06:28 AM #6844    


Jerry Hoover

Yep, I imagine it will be busy at Stonehenge about now.

03/20/19 08:25 AM #6845    

George Gillow (Hilltop 1964)

Happy Spring.

I assume most of you know the formula for determining Easter Sunday.  Just in case here it is:

First Sunday following the first full moon following the Vernal Equinox.   

This formula was set by the early Christians to match the occurrence of Jewish Passover.

That is why there is a wide range of dates where Easter Sunday can occur.

Incidentally, the date of March 21st is assumed to be the Vernal Equinox in the formula.

We had a good rainy season, so far, in the San Diego area. Here is a picture of Cuyamaca Mountain taken from the end of our street in Bonita.  Snow on the mountain has been rare the last few years.

03/22/19 11:34 AM #6846    


Armando Cortado

Hey George Gillow maybe you can help me find a classmate of yours?  A one Miss Janice(frankie) Wiser she had a twin brother,  Any info would be great and no its not a lonely hearts club thing...thanks

03/24/19 12:16 PM #6847    

George Gillow (Hilltop 1964)


I cannot find a Janice Wiser (or any Wiser) in my 64' HHS yearbook or other yearbooks I have.  Also I checked for other years, but no Wiser.

I looked at and and there are some Janice Wiser about our age, but none listed as having lived in California.

03/25/19 05:55 PM #6848    


Armando Cortado

wow!  i don't know what to say?  but thanks for the help maybe she didn't graduate maybe it didn't happen?  the last time i saw her was at the cv hilltop game in 63.  she called me out from the stands.  i looked up and jus kept walking with my friends.  i guess this is a mistery i'll take with me.  what 's that sinatra song "regrets, i have a few but too few to mention"  ah but this one has haunted me since august of 63.  thanks again wherever she is i wish she had a well and happy life

04/11/19 05:44 AM #6849    


Steve Cropsey


I cannot find the Video and pictures you posted on the website from last week.

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