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02/03/19 07:59 PM #6812    


Terry Greenlee


Just got a message from Bob Foster that he has not been getting any messages from this site since September. 

Has anyone else had similar lack of communications?

I sent him this link for the site:







02/04/19 05:44 AM #6813    

Jim Eshbach

Yes I belevie that I haven't been getting the ususal messages.  Thx.

02/04/19 08:19 AM #6814    


Terry Greenlee



Have you been able to connect ok for the past several weeks? 

 If you  can see this "Message Forum " page ok then things are working.  There has not been that much chatting going on for a month of so and that might be why there have been no messages coming out to our members.   This site only sends out a message when there is new activity.

As a first debug suggestion  - anyone having lost connection should try entering the link that I put in the last send in "red" and do a new sign-in.



02/04/19 02:42 PM #6815    


Peter Rombold


I just got back from the local library where they had a real phone book, current as well.  Unfortunately, none of the guys were listed.  The libraian told me that alot of people have dropped their land lines in favor of cell phones which are not listed in phone books.  It is possible he may live in another community as well.  We were also out in front of a University of Rochester Hospital blood collection lab and an H & R Block office.  He was probably headed into one of those places.  Thank you very much for the leads.  I will keep trying.


02/04/19 04:29 PM #6816    


Alex Duckworth-Ford

There's Lindekin and Facebook searches to try and twitter and Instagram and in general social media to search. Im my opinion, Facebook is a cluster. I've had an account for many years but each time I open it(like 5 times) I can't navigate through the garbage and people I've never heard of, etc. to get any use out of it. I don't see how that app survives? Alex

02/05/19 04:17 AM #6817    


Jerry Hoover


You are absolutely correct about Facebook.  The only reason I have an account is because when I was hiring people, I would look at their Facebook pages to glean information that may have been missed in the hiring process.  Particularly when I was bringing people to Afghanistan and Iraq.  I cancelled more than one person's employment offer based on what I found.  But for me, I keep my information off of Facebook.

02/06/19 10:46 AM #6818    


Alex Duckworth-Ford

First of all, Jerry, those dogs have personality and are great looking. And second, you used Facebook the way it should be used.  As one of my cousins involved in some way in security told me, she did not have an account. I think some of the agencies established shell accounts or something to look up targeted accounts to get that same kind of info you were able to glean from it. If I had extended my law enforcement career, I could have used it to find out more about some of the gang bangers I supervised while they were on Probation. I know the police utilize social  media that I don't even know exists to find out things in the manner you suggested.

By the way, did you or anyone you know use something called Picasa 3 to upload photos from a camera? I know most of it seems to come from cell phones these days with built in editing for Android and iphone platforms (OS), but some people still use cameras, especially professionals and prosumers. I a lamenting the fact that Google decided to stop supporting Picasa3 because I used it exclusively and could do everything from upload to edit to send, all within a few seconds. So far, I can't find anything to replace it. Meantime, my son built up a Lenovo T520 laptop for me. Since he's a Senior IT engineer, he did a great job of putting it together. Now the system (Windows7 Pro) is getting old and outdated. The mouse pad is worn smooth and the keys often have to be hit several times to get a letter to actually appear on screen. I should probably just get a new computer, but a keyboard costs about 36.00 plus tax but to save, I have to do the hardware removal/installation myself. I started out just prying keys off the board and using compressed air to blow them out. Doesn't always work completely. I'm not the hardest pounder, but I still remember and learned on a manual typewriter and old habits of pounding the keys never completely died out. CV Jr. HS is where I learned typing in 8th grade. I have the "Low Disk Space" warning pop up on my computer right now. I will order a new hard drive. I actually have formed a sort of attachment to this computer, like an old friend of sorts and just don't want to trade it in on a new one. I also a not crazy about the new operating systems that are out there and I don't need to support much if any of all the new applications that are out there. Those invade me enough as it is on my older Android Motorola cell.

Went from one thing to another and rambled. Thanks for your response re: Fbk.

02/06/19 04:58 PM #6819    


John Kennedy


Go to walmart and get a logitech cordless keyboard and mouse combo for about $14. Look closely in the box to find the usb card it may be on the end flap as you open the box.

It will come with a USB card. Plug the card into the computer. Put the batteries in the keyboard and mouse and you are good to go.

Picassa 3 is what I use it still works it just isn't added onto by whoever.

You may have to re-install it.


Do you know how many gigs are left on your hard drive?

If you are running low on hard drive space there are ways to free up space. Google free up hard drive space.


02/07/19 08:48 AM #6820    


Carolynn Hinshaw (La Pierre)

We just returned from a unique adventure and I thought you might be interested  in some of the photos. These were taken as we entered the Schollart Channel in Antarctica. I thought all we'd see were wrong I was. Majestic mountains towered over those "icebergs" along the way.We saw several Orca's swim by Penguins were too far away but did see them on the Falkland Islands. I'll post a few more photos...

02/07/19 08:54 AM #6821    


Carolynn Hinshaw (La Pierre)

Magellanic Penguins on the Falkland Islands, a double exposure of the Eclipse-Blood Moon taken badly from my IPhone on our ship in gale force winds (coincidentally called the "Eclipse"), and the Iguazu Falls from the Argentine side.

02/07/19 07:13 PM #6822    


John Kennedy


Thanks for taking the time to post those great photos.

I was surprised to see what appears to be palm trees in that one picture.

Shows how very little I know about geography.

I guess visiting places is the very best way to learn.


Thank you again.


P.S. If you feel like posting more pictures I for one would love to see them.

Did you get good cell reception in  Antarctica?

02/08/19 07:01 AM #6823    


Carolynn Hinshaw (La Pierre)

John - Argentina and Uruguay's weather is somewhat similar to ours in regions...they have similar flora as we..Palms, Tipuanas, Eucs , Fir,  etc. The fauna...they've a few very creepy animals...will send photo

Cell is iffy while on a ship in many places..AND you continue to pay for the WIFI ...noting is guarateed.....I don't believe I had service in Antarctica - I ended up texting my messages and photos from various places...We had cell service in Ushuaia...what a beautiful little city amongst the snow capped mountains.."End of the World " they called it. Kinda of wanted to live there ...if only for the monment..

I'll send a few more photos a bit later...thanks for asking! I love to share these kinds of things's been more of a real life education for me - certainly then any class.....


02/08/19 08:35 AM #6824    


Carolynn Hinshaw (La Pierre)

These little creatures appear to be a mix of Raccoon and Ant Eater...They are domesticated to the point of coming up and taking food out of your hand or bag but  can bite a pretty nice hole in you if you touch them. They swarm around the pit stops at Iguazu Falls.

02/08/19 08:38 AM #6825    


Carolynn Hinshaw (La Pierre)

The bay at Port Stanley (Falklands) is a ghost ship yard...They are more of an art feature now

02/08/19 08:39 AM #6826    


Carolynn Hinshaw (La Pierre)

...sorry I meant to name the little creaures..they are called "Coati"

02/08/19 09:18 AM #6827    


Hugh Kottler

Carolyn, those are great pictures.  I may have mentioned this in previous posts that I was born in Argentina. My connection with the Falklands (or to call them by their "proper" name, the Malvinas) is that two of my cousins and one close childhood friend all fought against the British there in the 1982 Falklands war.  My childhood friend Carlos, became a naval aviator and was killed in action when the Brits shot down his A-4 fighter jet while he was trying to sink one of their ships. He was the same age as me and my next door neighbor in Buenos Aires. He was treated as a national hero and has a memorial in Buenos Aires.  Actually, losing that war became a good thing for Argentina as it led to the ouster of the military dictators who started that stupid war. My cousins, who did survive, were very affected and never wanted to talk about their experiences.

I got to see those penguins when I went to Patagonia about 10 years ago--they are cute, looking like two-foot tall little kids wearing tuxedos.  I saw the coatis (full name: coatimundis) as well, at Iguazú falls.  They hang out at the snack bar and while one of them distracts the shop keeper the others grab the snacks.  I think they're related to bears. Argentina is a great country to visit.  Or in my case, to come from.    

02/08/19 11:43 AM #6828    


Carolynn Hinshaw (La Pierre)

Hugh - Now I remember you did say you were born there! You have no doubt visited the Tigre river area?Very special. Thanks so much for your stories! Speaking to those who live in the Falklands...I was told 80% of those who go off to college - often in the UK..come back to the islands! Port Stanley has a great "expat" bar as they used to refer to it called...The Globe. 


02/09/19 08:14 AM #6829    


Bill Nigh

Happy Birthday to Barry Francke.  I'll bet it's true for you, Barry, just like for the rest of us.  If we'd known we were going to last this long, we'd have taken better care of ourselves!  smiley  Take care and talk to you soon.

02/09/19 08:49 AM #6830    


Hugh Kottler

I used to go to the Tigre a lot when I was a kid.  A great adventure and there are lots of descendants of British people there.  There are many links between the British and Argentines, which made the Falklands war that much sadder.  Some of my wife's ancestors were part of the Welsh community that colonized Patagonia in the 1850's. She was born in LA, by the way.  When we went to Argentina last time we visited a couple of towns where Welsh is still spoken and taught in schools.  Fascinating for historians and lovers of taking high tea at 5 PM. Languages spoken in Argentina: Spanish, English, Welsh, and Yiddish.

02/12/19 02:59 PM #6831    


Terry Greenlee


If some of you have not been getting notifications of the postings from the "Message Forum" you man need to update your scheme for getting to the website.   

In particular, if you have the site bookmarked from a visit that was several months back in time, you might want to delete that bookmark, revisit the site using the link I gave below (#6812) and then redefine the bookmark while you are on the site.  Maybe your last connection has gotten stale or we have changed something in the last sign up with Classmates.

This is one suggestion that might fix the problem.   I am open to anyone else commenting on this problem as it seems only a few have had it. 

If this does not fix your message problem - I suggest you send Dan Dennison a Private Message using that feature of his Classmate Profile connection and describe your specific issues.





02/13/19 06:37 AM #6832    

Jim Eshbach

I'm good.  See you Friday.

02/13/19 01:04 PM #6833    


Terry Greenlee


Jim points out that we are having an informal get together at the Galley Restaurant near the J St Marina on Friday for lunch.  If you are nearby come on down at 11:00AM.   Alan Hayashi, and Jim Wheat are in town along with the regulars who used to attend these at La Bella.  


02/15/19 08:06 PM #6834    


James Wheat

The Eagles, Jim & Alan, (thanks Leroy) from the north landed in CV and thanks to Fran’s help, the Hilltop and Chula Vista Class of 1963 had a great time meeting for lunch at the Galley in the J Street Marina.

Front table:  Winnie Whelan, Jim Wheat, Dan Dennison, Terry Greenlee, Leroy & Fran Petty, Mary & Barry Franke, Carol Quidort.

Back table:  Linda Skinner, Gary Chapman, Steve Cropsey, Marla Kuta, Carolyn La Pierre, Elaine Hall, Sharon Butters, Rick Ruiz, John Skinner, Alan Hayashi, Kathy Greenlee.






02/15/19 08:49 PM #6835    


Carolynn Hinshaw (La Pierre)

"'Who da thunk it" many years ago....What an uncredibly wonderful group of friends.....

Think about it now - how so very lucky we are to have each other.... heart


02/16/19 03:21 PM #6836    


James Wheat

Thanks everyone for a great time at our lunch yesterday. 

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