Frequent Questions

QUESTION:   Why can't I register on-line?

ANSWER:  We don't want hackers, whackers, or data thefters. Old-fashioned snail mail works for us. (and Fran gets really excited about all her alumni mail.  So humor her.)


QUESTION:  Why are you having this in La Jolla?

ANSWER:  The view is great. The price is right, and Uber knows how to find it. Sign-up and come to the party.


QUESTION:   Why do you want me to sign up so far in advance?

ANSWER:  To get the best prices for the Party, the food and the liquor, we need to let our vendors know far in advance to prevent others from booking them on that night. They want an up-front payment to hold the reservation. Besides we heard a rumor that Sweetwater wanted the facility.  We aced them out!